BIGfoot Kicking is excited to announce that the following BIGfoot Kicking Seniors have committed to play ball at the following schools.  For the 3rd straight year, BIGfoot Kicking leads the state in getting its senior specialists recruited, committed and signed:

Andrew DiRocco – Tulane University

Blake Horn – Yale University

Scott Wade – Florida International University

Michael Jaffe – Florida State University

Preston Seilor – Villanova University

Ike Powell – Vanderbilt University


BIGfoot Kicking Mission Statement:

BIGfoot Kicking, Punting and Snapping is the TOP Specialist Camp in Florida. We train the most campers per year with the greatest results. BIGfoot Kicking has produced more college scholarship athletes from our camp than any other camp in Florida. BIGfoot Kicking produces more All-American specialists and more All-State players than any camp in Florida. This past season, BIGfoot Kicking trained specialists from 38 of 51 schools in Broward County – more than all other camps throughout the state of Florida COMBINED. And EVERY SINGLE ALL-COUNTY player in Broward, and 3/4 of Dade County All-Stars, came from BIGfoot Kicking. The secret to our success: hard work and dedication from our staff and our players.

Our camp is now found in two locations: Plantation (South Florida) and Vero Beach (Treasure Coast and Central Florida). BIGfoot Kicking runs year – round. We train youngsters as young as 8 to as old as NFL players. BIGfoot staff is available for both camp instruction in small group settings as well as private instruction. We train every aspect of the kicking, punting and snapping game and consistently place our athletes in game-like situations. We place great emphasis on teaching proper form and technique, and we expect our athletes to perform it over and over again in individual drills. We then combine our specialists in group segments to make it all come together.

Simply put, we train kickers, punters and snappers to become the absolute BEST they can be. We prepare them for EVERY facet of the specialty they are training for. We monitor their progress, set them up on state – of – the – art workout programs and help them achieve their goals. We have the biggest and best pipeline into the college system and talk to more college recruiters about the guys we work with than any other camp in the state.

If you are a specialist, the parent or coach of a specialist, or are thinking of trying kicking, punting or snapping for the first time, BIGfoot Kicking is the camp for you. Send an email with your contact information and let’s get started this weekend!  Our prices and services for 2014 can be found under our CAMP INFO page (tab at the top).

Best of luck this season!

Coach Tim Conrad

BIGfoot Kicking

Sunday, April 27- American Heritage HS (Plantation)

American Heritage – Group 2 Kickers – 9:ooam – 10:15am

American Heritage – Group 3 Kickers – 10:15am – 11:30am

(Snappers contact me if interested in snapping on this day)



Sunday, May 4 – American Heritage HS (Plantation)

American Heritage - Group 1 Kickers (Youth)  - 9:00am – 10:15am

American Heritage - Punters – 10:15am – 11:30

(Snappers contact me if interested in snapping this day)